Friday, March 18, 2016

Another Step in the Journey

Well, the day’s journeys are over, and we are back in the burg.

The details of Cindy’s surgery have been explained, tweaked and finalized.

In a week, we begin prep as Cindy starts taking Plavix and aspirin to thin her blood, in preparation for the procedure, known as a pipeline embolization. An incision is made in the femoral artery, a sleeve is installed and a catheter is inserted into this. A stent is then moved up through the artery to eventually reach the carotid artery inside her skull, where the stent or sleeve will reduce blood pressure and flow from the inside, reducing pressure on the base of her brain and returning blood flow through the brain to normal.

This should take care of the double vision, headaches, and speech difficulties from which Cindy has suffered since the aneurysm two weeks ago. It will also greatly reduce the likelihood of a rupture and stroke at the sight of the aneurysm.

We’ll check into the Doorways at VCU (kind of like a Ronald McDonald House for patient’s families from out of town) on Wednesday, March 30th, and sometime that evening, the staff will confirm the exact time of Cindy’s procedure on Thursday, the 31st.

We’ll hang around for a day or two after the surgery, until such time as the doctors get sick of her sass and wacky sense of humor and decide Cindy can recover just as well at home. After that two week recovery, if all goes as planned, we’ll be hosting a trail work weekend in WV before casting off for Colorado, where we plan to attend a fantastic June wedding, a Greek festival, and several other events during yet another incredible season as campground hosts in Colorado.

Thanks to my family, to Joyce and Gilbert Gray for meals and wheels, beds and a roof over our heads,; to Mathea, Marty and Diana Breeden for their comfort and prayers, and to all the friends who have sent prayers, positive vibrations, good energies, well-wishes, messages, texts and an outpouring of love our way over the last couple weeks.

Finally, hats off to my girl, Cindy; you are my inspiration and my strength. I stand in constant wonder and awe at your patience, endurance, good humor, love and calm acceptance.

Thanks for making me the luckiest man alive, Miss Pink Pants.

If I had it all to do again, I would, in a heartbeat.

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