Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summit Day

The Gypsies celebrated the Anniversary of Miss Pink Pants' 21st birthday, our fourth year of wedded bliss, and another beautiful Colorado day by climbing from our camp at 8200 feet above sea level to the 9422 ft above sea level summit of an eleven-hundred foot dome, back behind the usually climber-draped roadside formations of Elevenmile.

Our goal, the summit; a mile away and 1100 feet higher.

Tasty slabs just waiting for the touch of Stealth rubber...

Yet another unnamed formation

Looking up canyon, towards Pine Cone Dome, the Icebox, Cove and Spillway.

Crack o' Noon Club: Miss Cindy begins the brush gully that starts our scramble.

Amazing slab playground

Amazing wife and climbing partner

Some old coot with MPP

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