Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Elevenmile Images

Elevenmile Dome in morning light

Cindy demonstrates the depth of erosion slits in Wagontongue Road

More erosion damage to Wagontongue, prior to the recent heavy rains, which necessitated release of massive amounts of water from the dam and evacuation of the canyon.

Wagontongue erosion gully; this was two heavy rainstorms ago.

Turret Dome, first pitch of the Sunshine Slabs (5.3, 200') under threatening skies that would, later, produce both rain and soft hail as your ever-lovin' Ronin led up the waves of granite.

Cindy Gray; partner, handler, tireless explorer, faithful belayer and incredible adventure companion,
who was also kind enough to marry me.

Going for a jacket as the rain starts to fall.

Cleaning the last piece, at the top of the first pitch.

"What!?! I'm WORKING here!"

My queen, my wife, my love; Cindy Gray

Bucket list: fishing Elevenmile Canyon on free fishing weekend.

Wild iris nursery

Got boulders?

Relaxin' in the shade of the Scoop Wall

The run-out start of Head Over Squeals, a heady 5.9 I mistakenly started as the 5.6 warm-up I was looking for.

We found a pond on top of the Backstreet Wall!

Miss Cindy and a pair of REALLY white legs (photo darkened to protect the audience)

Home sweet home: the upper dozen campsites in Springer Gulch Campground.

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