Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pain; Master or Challenge, the choice is YOURS

Whew... tough morning, primarily because I often come online early and read posts from people I love and try very hard to respect.

There are a lot of people in pain in the world; suffering from disease, or depression, or both.
It is amazing how many of them seem to revel in focusing on things that make them angry or which they find offensive, spending hours a day watching videos and reading what passes for 'news' in this world.

There is nothing wrong with being informed, however, if your 'news' sources are pages border by booty shots and celebrity stories, with pop-up ads for Viagra or partisan politics appearing over every article, or if they refer to themselves as an entertainment channel, guess what?

That ain't information, that's inflammation.

The Internet has become filled with something known as 'clickbait'; a site that uses lurid, inaccurate headlines to get knee-jerk reactions with incomplete coverage of 'the issues' which actually affect very few if any Americans on a regular basis.

Because emotion sells more product than reason.

If you've made your choice for President, stay away from bait that lures you into arguments and attack threads about other candidates; you will not change anyone's mind there, any more than they will change yours by calling you or your candidates names and/or making fun of either of your stances, past, or online profile.

If there are issues that you can affect, spread the word with complete and impartial information, and then get out and do something! No one ever saved anything by posting it on Facebook, participating in a poll, raging in a comments thread, sending a check or ending their participation at sending one more cloned letter in a mass email to their Congressional or state representative.

Take part in your world, or it will take you apart, one bite at a time.

Studies have shown time and time again that positive mental attitude and imagery helps reduce or even banish pain, one of the leading causes of depression, especially among men.

My own experiences have shown me that if I stay active, I have less time and tendency to focus on the pain and succumb to the darkness,

Put very simply, if you feel bad, maybe you should do something about it, instead of feeding the pain. Otherwise, you are reveling in the pain, and celebrating being a victim, instead of trying to manage the pain, and celebrating Life.

I say this in love, and offer the supporting evidence of the woman I love, Cindy Gray.

Cindy is a Multiple Sclerosis patient who refuses to be a victim, who has gone through more pain in her life than most people, including me, will ever know and who continues to do so on a daily basis, without complaint and/or the constant support of narcotics or any other medicines of any kind, including herbal.

I say this as someone who struggles with depression, and often loses my perspective to this same tendency.

But I also say this as someone who is trying to change; to send out more love, more light, and share more laughter than tears.

It's your choice, our choice, each of us, each and every day; live your life, or endure it as a slave to your pain and darkness, infecting the joy of those around you and draining the color and light from their worlds as well as your own.

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